That’s an odd name…

Tabs open

Inspiration for the name.

I’ve wanted to blog for a while. Actually I’ve started and then fell away from numerous blogs and ideas. Sometimes life situations would change, sometimes I would change, or sometimes I was caught up in perfectionism and things needed to be exactly how I pictured it. I came to focus more on aesthetics than on the content.

I also found I jumped around on different blogs because I have so many interests. In the numerous posts I’ve read about blogging and getting an audience, most advocate finding your niche and staying within it. I can’t even say my interests change daily as the same day might find me working on a sewing project, reading one of Shakespeare’s plays, and then watching a lecture on The Joy of Science. I wanted a place where I could document and share everything that I was up to in my little corner of the world and I’ve created it.

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