Oh! Hello!

Welcome to my online home!

If you were visiting my apartment, I would put on some coffee, tea, or pour you a pint of the latest craft beer I’ve found. My desk and work space is a jumble of books, notebooks, and the latest project I have going on my sewing machine. You can tell how engrossed I am in a project by the chaos around it. If my desk straightened and tidied, I’m in between projects or I knew you were coming over.


This really isn’t that bad…

I’ve created this blog to find a home for my many interests and document what I’m working on. I can’t promise what you’ll find here at any given time. I could be in the middle of a sewing, embroidery, or crochet project (I *love* textiles!). I could be watching a new lecture on The Great Courses Plus, or I could have finished a really awesome book and I’m dying to tell someone about it.

About me? Well I’m a 30-something Canadian who graduated from Culinary school and I spend my nights as a baker. I try to fill my days with learning and doing. Don’t expect many food posts on this blog, I’ll post a link to my other site once I have some more content on it. This site is a catch all for anything else that might interest me.

To read more about the why behind this blog click here.